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Your order will be confirmed for pick-up and may have a balance due once it is fulfilled due to weight variances that are not able to be accurately charged when ordering online..

NO SAME DAY ORDERS will be taken online, please call or text your requests for those to (724)454-0873.

IMPORTANT: please be sure to read ALL info in the product description as it may pertain to availability and pick-up restrictions.  

Our Graze Tray Deposit allows you to order a tray and secure your order.

Balance due at pick up.

Custom Graze Trayz Deposit

  • XL tray

    14x19, 10-15 servings $175

    4 meats, 5 cheeses, assorted crackers, jam, mustard, olives, pickles, veggies, seasonal fresh/dried fruits, dips, sweet bites

  • Medium Box

    10x14, 6-8 servings $99

    3 meats, 4 cheeses, crackers, jam, pickles, seasonal fresh/dried fruits, dip, sweet bites

  • Large Tray

    18” round, 8-10 servings $135


    3-4 varieties of cheeses

    3 varieties of meats

    variety of Crackers

    2 spreads (jam, mustard, dip)

    Garnished with dried and fresh fruits, veggies.


  • Small tray

    12” round, 4-6 servings $65

    3 varieties cheese

    2-3 varieties of meat

    1 spread or pickles

    1 variety of crackers,

    garnished with fresh and dried fruits

  • Snack box

    2-3 servings, $38

    Includes 2 meats, 2 cheeses, crackers, fruit, pickles

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